Bamboo Nursing Bra Pads (Washable) - ProvShop
Bamboo Nursing Bra Pads (Washable) - ProvShop

Bamboo Nursing Bra Pads (Washable)

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These nursing pads are designed with three layers of bamboo fabric to prevent leakage on garments and to protect you from infection. 
- Color: Assorted Color.
- Material: Bamboo Fabric.
- Size: Approx. 12cm/4.72inch (Diameter) 0.4cm/0.16 (Thickness).
- Curves tightly the mother's breast to fit naturally and comfortable.
- Fits snugly under bra cup core.
- Quickly absorbs excess breast milk and firmly locks in moisture away from your skin. Eliminates leakage.

-Washable Breast Pads have a brushed cotton lining which is soft and gentle and features an absorbent layer which draws moisture away from the skin behind a leakproof liner.

- With a high milk absorbency, these pads will keep you and your shirts dry without any embarrassing drips. The outside layer is also water-proof.
- Thanks to their extra soft lining and sleek design, they feel great inside your bra without standing out when you're dressed.
- Premium bamboo fabric is soft and gentle against the skin.