Disposable Nursing Pad - 50pcs individually sealed

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Disposable  Nursing Pad - (50pcs - 25 prs)

If you are nursing you definitely need pads. Why? Because you'll probably leak the first few weeks of breastfeeding, if you're away from your baby for 2 hours or more, if you have an overabundant milk supply, if you return to work, during sexual encounters, and at night when you are sleeping. 

So the only question is - do you want reusable ones or disposable pads or to use both types. I recommend using both types. 


Silicone Pads: ProvShop does not recommend or sell this kind of pad because we do not believe in tampering with how your body is meant to work. Not releasing milk when you need to can cause infections and discomfort. We simply don't like that.  

Colors: randomly pink, yellow and blue. The white ones we found were not as good, so we didn't add any. IF you do see white nursing pads in this store it is because we found ones of high quality and are willing to put ProvShop's name behind them.   


Note: Please allow between 2 and 4 weeks for delivery.